Susan offers introductory, intermediate, and yearlong advanced classes in Eden Energy Medicine. Classes are based on the work of Donna Eden, renowned pioneer in the field. Participants gain an awareness of the latticework of energy systems that fill & surround the body, and learn safe and gentle self-help exercises to enhance health. These simple and effective tools have been found to greatly benefit mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

Introductory Energy Medicine Classes

Through hands-on practice, participants learn:

  • Exercises to protect, support, and balance their energies
  • Simple techniques to calm the Fight/Flight/Freeze Response
  • An energy-wellness routine that promotes self-healing & well-being
  • How to trace meridians, clear and balance chakras, weave the aura, and energy test

Intermediate and Advanced Energy Medicine Classes

These classes delve more deeply into nine energy systems, including the chakras, meridians, aura, Five Elements, and Radiant Circuits. Participants acquire a vast array of self-help tools to boost their vitality and strengthen their foundational energy systems.

Participants learn exercises and techniques to remove stagnant and persistent unwanted energies and to shift negative emotional patterns, thereby increasing their sense of joy in life. They practice gentle techniques designed to alleviate feelings of depression, fear, anger, panic, anxiety, and grief, as well as techniques designed to relieve stress associated with hormonal imbalances and pain. As the foundational energy systems strengthen and rebalance, one’s core sense of self-esteem can be enhanced.


Susan also offers three to six day Eden Energy Medicine retreats in the Adirondack Mountains, Catskill Mountains, on Monhegan Island, Maine, and at additional beautiful places around the world. These retreats include 20 to 30 hours of training, and they offer many opportunities for healing and self-growth, including circle dances, tea ceremonies, meditative walks, sacred ceremonies, ritual and song, along with other deep and creative activities that promote joyful self-care.

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